An agency born of discontent.

Having worked for years in big agencies and for blue chip clients, by all measures, Jim Hanon and Bill McKendry were successful. Yet neither of them was satisfied. So they founded Hanon McKendry on the principle that the firm could aspire to more than just making a living and winning awards —  that it could, and should, aspire to make a difference.

Whether that’s increased sales or donations; greater employee or customer loyalty; more attention, awareness or inquiries; we have believed from day one that our firm could play a role in changing things for the better. And that the best way we can help our clients is to help them achieve even greater returns and impact.

Today, over 20 years removed from our humble start and our original tagline  — “Really Good Advertising For Really Good Things” — Hanon McKendry is still not content. We continue to look forward to more growth and more opportunities to help build brands that truly matter.

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